Learn More About Living Hope Community Church


We want to be a community of Christ that moves forward with a faith that sees no task too daunting and no sacrifice too great, because our God is without limit.


Our Calling is to bring the Living Hope of Jesus to a World that desperately needs Him. (Matt 28:18-20)

What is "Living Hope"?

It’s not merely a message, it’s a Person with whom we have a relationship. Jesus is the Living Hope of the world. (II Cor. 5:18-21)

How is the Living Hope of Jesus brought to this World?

The Living Hope of Jesus is expressed most fully through His Body, the Church and the individuals that make up that body. Everything about the church must proclaim and point to Jesus. (I Cor. 12:27)

How is Christ expressed through the Church?

Individually and as a whole, the church must be “dead to self, and alive in Christ” so that our lives would reflect the love, the work, and the words of Jesus. (Col. 1:15-18)


We expect these Core Spiritual Values to flow through the life of every member of Living Hope and overflow into the community.

  1. We are a Gospel-Centered Community:

    Everything we do comes from and points to Jesus. We seek to be a safe place where anyone can explore the truths of the Gospel and come to know Jesus as Savior, the Living Hope of the World.

  2. We are a Community of Grace:

    We come together and treat all people with a deep awareness that we are undeserving recipients of the immeasurable grace, mercy and forgiveness of God. We want to be a place where people can find refuge, hope and healing in Jesus.

  3. We Believe in Diversity and the Value of Everyone:

    The bond that unifies us is not a common ethnicity, lifestage or income; it is the bond of Grace. We believe this is a testimony of the unifying love of Jesus.

  4. We Believe in Transformation through the Spirit and God’s Word:

    We Love God’s Word. It is our single guide and blueprint for Life. We want to be a people who have been transformed by the power of the Spirit through the truth and authority of God’s Word.

  5. We practice Worship-Based Prayer

    We believe Prayer is what makes the spiritual life spiritual. Prayer connects us with God and unleashes His power. Prayer is not just about seeking God’s help; it is about seeking God’s Face in worship.

  6. We Believe in Genuine Spirituality First:

    The quality of one’s Spiritual health is more important than the quality of one’s commitment or service. We regard the Bible’s teaching on Holiness and Sin with great seriousness.

  7. We Believe in Whole-Hearted Service:

    Everyone is called to be a servant, and every servant serves. Jesus not only deserves our best; He deserves our all.

  8. We are Globally and Locally Minded:

    We believe that these two perspectives are not separate, but integrated. Compassion for the local community will lead to a greater Global Commitment, and a Global Commitment must start with acts of compassion and service in the Local Community.

Living Hope Community Church of Silicon Valley is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention.