At G.R.O.W. (Go Reach Our World), we do more than learn God’s Word; we learn to live it out boldly! Using age-appropriate Bible lessons, verse understanding & memorization, fun activities, meaningful conversations, and exciting games, we develop strong relationships with one another and with our Savior.  At GROW, we take the time to help each child understand the Bible verses as they memorize them. We have a class for each stage of the child’s development:

  • Seedlets (Birth - 2 year old):
    •  Children learn to interact with one another under the loving supervision of our wonderful caretakers.
  • Maples (3 years old – Kindergarten):
    • Teacher: Rosa Lee (plus a helper)
    • The children discover who God is by learning the 10 Commandments.
    • Verses will be memorized in class through games, songs, and activities.
  • Oaks (Grades 1 – 2):
    • Teacher: May Chan
    • In 2016-2017, the children will answer the question: Who is my neighbor and how do I live in peace with him? 
    • The children will learn to respond to conflict God's way by learning and discussing topics/situations/examples from “The Young Peace Maker” by Corlett Sande.
    • One Bible verse will be memorized per month by watching a video song.
  • Redwoods (Grades 3 -5):
    • Teacher: Carlina Yeung
    • We will discover how to use God's Word as a lens through which to view the world.  Lessons will be drawn from the book "Who is God?" by John Hay’s and David Webb’s.
    • Topics include: What is God like?  Why did God create me? Will God meet all my needs?  Where am I building my life?  How can I know what's true?  If God created the world, why isn't it perfect?
    • Verses will be memorized in class through games, songs, and videos.


We meet Fridays 7pm – 9pm starting on the last Friday in August and ending on the last Friday in May. 

Our usual schedule is as follows:

Oaks & Redwoods

7:00pm Games - in Auditorium
7:30pm Welcome/Big Group Time - in Auditorium
7:40pm Bible Lesson, talks, etc. in Class
9:00pm Pick up from class


7:00pm Playground or Free Play in Class
7:30pm Welcome/Big Group Time - in Auditorium
7:40pm Games - in Auditorium
8:00pm Bible Lesson, talks, crafts - in Class
9:00pm Pick up from class

Special Events

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” - Matthew 19:14

Our goal is to reach our world with the good news of Jesus one child at a time. With this goal in mind, we invite all children to visit us, especially on our Special Nights, which include the exciting STAR WARS Night, the awesome Lego Night, etc. Dates to be announced in class. 

Contact Us!

Come and join us at GROW!   If you’d like more information, please contact us at rolee50-grow@yahoo.com.