What is Life-2-Life?

Life-2-Life is the intentional ministry of discipling people to be a faithful follower of Jesus. It involves connecting the Life of a discipler to the Life of a disciple, or a small group of disciples for the purpose of learning, practicing and transferring what we have personally learned to impart to others. Life-2-Life is more than just instruction from God’s Word; the emphasis is learning to appropriate God’s truth into Life. It is learning to live life together as we abide in Christ.

Three Elements of Life-2-Life:

Decision (Follow Me) – Becoming a disciple involves a personal decision to obey Jesus’ command

Transformation (I will make you) – Following Jesus enables the work of the Spirit for life transformation

Mission (Fishers of men) – When we are transformed by Christ, we are sent on mission to go out and make disciples

Where Am I Spiritually?

Spiritual growth is a lifestyle focused on being before doing; maturity before ministry; character before career. Every believer is on his or her own unique spiritual journey towards Christ-likeness. In order to continue the process of spiritual growth it is important to identify where you are spiritually and where God wants you to be.

To get started figure out your spiritual needs by looking at the five questions below and prayerfully ask God which question is the most important or needful right now in your life?

  1. Who is Jesus?
  2. What does it mean to follow Jesus?
  3. How can I mature and help others mature in Jesus?
  4. How can I serve Jesus more effectively?
  5. How can Jesus make me an effective spiritual leader?

What to Expect from Life-2-Life

Consistent Schedule to meet with your discipler for a mutually agreed duration and frequency.

High Accountability with an emphasis on modeling, practicing, correction, and personalized encouragement.

Accountability to God’s Word as it is only through the Word of God applied through the Spirit of God that true spiritual growth and life transformation would occur.

Accountability to the Church Leadership to exercise the spiritual gifts through serving and imparting what you have learned by discipling others.

How Do I Get Started?

Life-2-Life involves an intentional and relational investment between a discipler and disciple(s). It requires commitment to meet regularly, faithfulness to complete any homework, and cultivate a teachable heart for the purpose of life transformation. The time, place, and frequency of meetings are agreed upon between you and your disciple.

You can begin by doing the following:

Step 1: Contact Life-2-Life Coordinator

Step 2: Fill out a ‘Commitment Form’

Step 3: Return Form for the next step

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For more information about Life-2-Life, please contact:

  • Paul Gee/Ryan Tsang (for the men)
  • Rita Chang/Becky Yee (for the women)